Monday, May 14, 2012

Row Covers, We Love You

A forest of green peas.
The spring veggies are off the hook! It's looking like it will shape up to be a big summer season too, though it's still a little too early to tell. We're attributing a lot of our veggies' success this year to the use of row covers. We have three kinds of row covers we use at various times, plastic, floating row cover (aka remay), and shade cloth. In the winter the covers keep the plants and the soil a little warmer, and in the summer the shade cloth keeps things a little cooler. In all seasons, they help keep the bugs off and protect the plants from wind and birds. This year our produce is ready earlier than last. It has less bug damage and is more succulent. It doesn't come without extra work, though. Row covers were especially difficult during windy days when they kept blowing away, and those windy days often coincided with some of our coldest nights of early spring (i.e. when we most needed the covers). We spent a lot of energy weighing down the covers in various ways so they wouldn't blow away. Right now, though it all seems worth it.

It's looking to be a big year for zucchini.
We have about 150 tomato plants in. We just switched out their row covers for trellising last week.

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susanna said...

I love watching your garden grow! We're trying some raised beds and containers for our garden. I still don't have much of a green thumb, but I love learning through your successes!