Sunday, July 3, 2011

Odd Things on the Farm

Amongst all the many things growing at this time of year are a few strange looking plants. I photographed a few of the more interesting ones this morning to share with you. The picture above is a tomatillo plant (the ones you make green salsa out of). They grow papery "lanterns," and the actual fruit slowly forms inside. Right now the lanterns are huge, but the fruits inside have just started to develop. When the fruits start to burst forth from their lantern, we'll know it's time for harvest.

This is a Swiss chard plant going to seed. Vegetable plants often look quite different when they start to bolt and make seed. These chards are about 6 ft. tall now. We're saving as much seed as possible this year from all kinds of plants to help reduce our farm expenses. It's fascinating to see the plants through their entire life cycle and back again.

One more...I thought these were lima beans when they were smaller. But, when they started shooting up stalks of little white flowers, I reconsidered. I remembered having planted a small patch of buckwheat from seeds my friend Jen shared with me.

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