Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farm Volunteers and Farm Party!

Lulu, age 7, picking blackberries

We have been blessed with our first-ever WWOOFers! WWOOFers are farm volunteers who are members of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Our volunteers are a mother-daughter team from Japan, and they have been here on our farm for about a week now. Miki and Lulu have been a huge help around here with all kinds of farming projects like weeding, trellising tomatoes, harvesting and cleaning produce, saving seeds, and so much more! Until recently they had their own organic farm in Japan, growing vegetables and making a few specialized products, including pesto made with ashtaba leaves, a plant commonly used for medicinal purposes in Japan. They left their farm because it was too close to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and now they are traveling in California and searching for their next steps in life, which hopefully will involve finding or starting a new farm. If you're interested in learning more about our visitors, check out this article about them that ran in the Sacramento Bee:

Better yet, come meet them (and visit us) at our Summer Barbecue Party and Open Farm Day this Sunday, July 24th starting at noon.

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Charis said...

Wow Michelle and Gal, that is so cool! I hope you and Miki and Lulu have a lot of fun. I read about her pesto. It sounds SO interesting!