Monday, March 18, 2013

It's a Barn Raising!

Saturday and Sunday March 23rd and 24th, from 10am-5pm

This is the first arch. We have 11 more to go!
Gal has been busy with the sledgehammer.
It’s actually a high-tunnel raising, but same concept. A barn raising is when members of a community come together to help assemble and raise the frame of a barn — or in our case, a high-tunnel — which is too big a job for the farmers to do alone. A high-tunnel is a type of greenhouse, basically a big metal frame covered with plastic, which we will plant under. We were awarded a grant from NRCS to purchase this high-tunnel, and we need to finish assembling it in time for our April planting. So the race is on!

The posts that form the foundation are already in place, and it’s time to put up those big metal hoops. This is a big job, and we are humbly requesting the help of our community of friends, neighbors, and CSA members. You do not have to be an experienced construction worker or super-strong to help out. Jobs will include piecing together the metal hoops, helping to hoist them into place, and bolting together the supporting pieces. If you have a drill, please bring it. Also, we are greatly in need of a tall, free-standing (A-frame) ladder, 10 feet or taller. The barn raising is both Saturday and Sunday. We hugely appreciate any help you can provide, whether for an hour or a day. We hope this will be a fun community-building time with a sense of accomplishment at the end. We will provide cold drinks and light refreshments.

All are welcome. Many hands make light work.

900 W. Edmundson Ave., Morgan Hill

Thank You,
Michelle and Gal

The finished product should look something like this.


LC said...

Love it!!

jabari morgan said...

marvelous! please do share the finished product with those who can't make it?

Michelle and Gal said...

Yes, I will fully document the event. Thanks for the support!