Monday, January 21, 2013

End of this CSA Season

Our plants look like this most mornings.
This Wednesday, January 23rd, will be the last CSA delivery of the season. We've had frost just about every morning for the past month. The frost, combined with the short day length and wet soil, means that we haven't been able to grow replacement crops for those we are harvesting. It's okay; that's winter, and it's to be expected. We plan to restart our CSA in April, and we'll be notifying everyone by email and Facebook when we're ready to sign-up members again. If you're not already on our contacts list, and you'd like to be, please fill out the membership form

Lots of people have remarked on how nice it will be to have a vacation over the next couple months. Yeah, right. While we do hope to take a vacation (keep fingers crossed), there's still much work to be done in order to keep things running and get ready for spring. The bigger jobs include tilling the soil for spring and summer plantings, growing thousands of seedlings in the greenhouse, pruning fruit trees, and doing winter plantings of asparagus and strawberries. See you in spring!

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