Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Annual Survey Results

We've got about a month left to this CSA season!

Last month we conducted our annual survey of CSA members. And the results, drum roll please...

We had 9 surveys returned, not bad out of 13 members! Overall, most people very happy with the CSA. Many people want more fruit, which is understandable. Several people requested more “common” vegetables, like lettuce and carrots. Some of the responses, of course, are in conflict with each other, e.g. people requested both more and less greens and peppers. We will keep doing our best to adjust the CSA to meet the needs of more people. Here is a summary of the survey results:

Which kinds of produce would you like more of?
lettuce (x3), beets (x2), green beans (x2), broccoli (x2), fruit (x4), greens (x3), onions, potatoes (x2), carrots (x3), artichokes, herbs (x2), cauliflower, bell peppers, winter squash, parsnips, rutabagas, tomatoes (x2), okra, corn, “everything!”.
Which kinds of produce would you like less of? 
fava beans, greens, turnips, sunchokes, chives, peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, zucchini.
How was the quality and freshness of the produce? Excellent (89%), Good (11%)
How was the amount of produce? Too Much (12.5%), Just Right (87.5%)
How was the price? Fair Deal (66.7%), A Bargain (33.3%)
What was your top reason(s) for joining a CSA? Health (44.4%), Environmental sustainability (44.4%), Supporting local business (55.6%), Quality of produce (66.7%), Convenience (33.3%), Connection with my food producers and community (77.8%), Seasonal eating (55.6%), Curiosity, (22.2%), Other (33.3%)
How often do you read each of the following? Newsletter (100% very often), Blog postings (33.3% very often, 33.3% sometimes, 33.3% not very often), “What’s in the Bag?” list (44.4% very often, 22.2% sometimes, 33.3% not very often), Facebook postings (37.5% very often, 12.5% sometimes, 25% not very often, 25% never)
Do you plan to join our CSA again next year? Definitely (66.7%), Probably (33.3%)

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