Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springtime on the Farm

The CSA has been on winter break for the past couple months, but we have been quite busy around the farm getting ready for spring and summer. It's been an unusually dry winter, which has allowed us to till and plant a bit earlier than last year. We have doubled the size of our asparagus and strawberry patches, tilled and planted a large area of spring crops, pruned our fruit trees, filled up our new greenhouse with summer seedlings, and much more. If all goes well, we'll be re-starting our CSA in about a month.

Some pictures of the spring farm:
A veritable forest of tomato seedlings in the greenhouse!

Luscious artichoke plants

Broccoli seedlings under a floating row cover. Row covers protect from frost, bugs, birds, and other nasties.

Peach tree in bloom. The wood and other doo-dads are helping it grow into a good shape.

And the delicious eggs keep coming!

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Unknown said...

I've been getting your eggs from People & Planet, and they are the "orangest" eggs, yet! Thanks for such a healthy egg!