Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to my Farming Roots

We took a quick trip last weekend back to my (Michelle's) hometown in rural northeast Pennsylvania. One of the best parts was getting to visit a childhood friend and stay on her family's farm. I spent a tremendous amount of time on this rural homestead as a kid riding horses, swimming in the creek, picking strawberries, and camping in the woods. This farm was undoubtedly a major influence in my life, and planted the seeds for the eventual One Acre Farm.
(Not our farm). This is the farm in PA where Michelle spent much of her childhood.

Taking a walk around the farm during a break in summer rainstorms.
We were glad to find after our long weekend away that everything was still doing okay back on our lovely little farm. Here's what it's looking like these days:
Back on One Acre Farm

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One Acre Farm is the best