Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Garlic Capital of the World!

Well, almost. Gilroy, the town just south of us, is the official garlic capital. Fortunately, the garlic doesn't seem to care for city boundaries. This year was our first try at growing garlic, and it did very well. I harvested our small patch this morning.
On trays and ready to be cured in the shed for the next couple weeks.
Garlic takes a very long time to grow, about nine months, but overall, it's very easy to grow and pests avoid it. After harvest, the garlic has to be "cured" (dried) for at least a couple weeks so it can be stored. Garlic is great to eat at any stage of the process, and we've been enjoying testing a few of the heads over the past month. Next year we're definitely going to grow a lot more garlic!
Garlic in the field. It's ready to harvest when about 40% of the leaves are yellow.

Gently harvesting the garlic with a digging fork.

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