Friday, May 6, 2011

Strawberry Time is Here!

The first strawberry. Well, actually I ate the first. Technically, this is the last one left from the first day of strawberry season.
I just returned from a week-long trip to Florida to find that the first strawberries are ripe! There were just a few, but I'm pretty sure we'll have many more coming in the next couple weeks. I treated our beautiful strawberry plants to some extra loving yesterday by weeding them, watering, adding some fertilizer, and covering them with bird netting. We have a lot of blue jays around here, and if they ever get bored of eating the cat food, I'm sure they'll happily devour our strawberries.

Shade cloth over spinach and lettuce.
While I was in Florida, Morgan Hill had its first real heat wave of the year with temps up to the 90's. Gal really held down the fort by giving everything extra water and covering some of the cool-weather crops with shade cloth. (Let's hear it for the boy!)
Purple mustard greens. They're growing so well, but the leaves are full of tiny holes thanks to flea beetles.


Gal said...

Good that I look on the blog and see there are strawberries since there was none when I came home...

Mike Eaton said...

You should go on strike, Gal.

Michelle, we have scrub jays, not blue jays, in California. But, yes, they love strawberries!



Jack Baur said...

Aw, everything looks so great! I'll be out to visit just as soon as I can! I know I've been saying that for ages now, but I mean it dammit!